What is TurboViz™?

Our vision is to enable the global transport community to deliver on its promises to the customer.

TurboViz™ provides simple and secure cloud based technology tools to all clients, whether you are a small courier company or a large national or international transport and logistics company.

Our Technology Platform will help drive productivity within each segment of the global transport community by having real time data capturing solutions and tools.

TurboViz™ removes issues surrounding the on-forwarding of delivery and use of third-parties in the transport cycle, making the B2B interaction more seamless with higher visibility.

TurboViz™ is carrier independent and is enabled through a simple monthly subscription fee.


  • Mobile based so easy deployment to your couriers
  • Operates on any iOS and Android smartphone
  • Scans and captures the Proof of Delivery (POD) wherever and whenever” required in any barcode format
  • Integrate with High Speed Scanner
  • Simple Administration System for easy management
  • Rich client reporting to better serve customers
  • Able to download Pickup and Delivery Jobs
  • Manage Invoices and SLA
  • Access to Real Time Integration Services
  • Able to track parcel using real time driver tracking
  • Niche Logistics system capability for controlled business networks


  • Real time "wherever and whenever" Transport Events including Proof of Delivery (POD) information.
  • Minimises contractual payment delays from compliance to provide POD
  • Enhanced service offering to upstream carriers through scanning all barcodes
  • Enhanced service offering to all end user customers.
  • Scalable solution based on usage.
  • Subscription based pricing model that minimise costs.
  • Cloud based software using existing smartphone technology handsets allowing ease of deployment and use.
  • Carrier independent solution so preserving existing carrier relationships
  • Data rich and gives valuable insights to better serve your customers
  • Self-help insights that drives improved behaviour throughout the supply chain
  • Real time "wherever and whenever" Proof of Delivery (POD) and Pickup Information
  • Access to integraion tools to upload or down load transport manifest and status data to and from Turboviz system to any system.

Low-Cost Cloud based Technology Tools

With the TurboViz™ mobility platform, you can have confidence that your data and connectivity will be available from anywhere and at any time from the cloud – quickly, securely and hassle free. No need to worry about your internal IT system issues, billed simply on a subscription per device per month basis giving the benefits of:

  • Pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing
  • No Annual Licence and Maintenance
  • No Support Cost
  • No Hardware Server Cost
  • Minimal integration costs
  • Anywhere usability independent of Internet Connection
  • Anywhere upload via an Internet Connection
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Ease of Admin
  • Built in scalability and redundancy

The TurboViz™ Solution in more detail:

  • TurboViz™ is downloadable now, for iOS and Android handsets
  • TurboViz™ is an independent and reliable source of Proof of Delivery (POD) and additional customer information for companies
  • TurboViz™ can scan any transport companies consignment numbers
  • TurboViz™ reduces overall cost and improves the service provided to customers.
  • TurboViz™ is a fast, easy-to-use, cloud based mobile platform
  • TurboViz™ provides self-help insights to drive behavioural change and improvements for the industry
  • TurboViz™ is building a community driven technology platform for the Transport Community to collaborate with each other using technology as a medium.
  • TurboViz™ provides a platform allows data to move from one system to another regardless of the format whether internal or 3rd party.
  • TurboViz™ accelerates and improves supply chain visibility and improves B2B connectivity
  • TurboViz™ minimises duplication, manual rework and associated administration.
  • TurboViz™ is data rich and provides insights to better serve your customers
  • TurboViz™ can track consignments between subcontractors
  • TurboViz™ differentiates itself from solutions provided by transport companies
  • TurboViz™ will drive industry standards by engaging with all stakeholders
  • TurboViz™ will benefit contractors who get paid by proof of delivery by minimising time to provide information for contractual compliance.
  • TurboViz™ provides Real time Data Capture and Transfer
  • TurboViz™ can provide Tracking and Reporting
  • TurboViz™ can be Rapidly Deployed
  • TurboViz™ allows the uploading of a manifest
  • TurboViz™ is not a “Transport Management System”

So how do you sign up for TurboViz™?

Register with TurboViz™ today and download the app below to see how our cloud-based proof of delivery system can help you to reduce operations cost, integrate to multiple transport companies and improve customer management TODAY!

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