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Turboviz™ is the culmination of decades of experience and passion in bringing technology and efficiencies into the Transport and Logistics industry. Turboviz is backed by a highly experienced team drawn from the Australian supply chain, IT and manufacturing industries.

The goal of the TurboViz team is to provide adaptive technologies that complement and improve current logistics businesses practices and at the same time future proof them against the new coming disruptions. Our technology provides new digital efficiency to any business involved in transportation, independent of size of industry.

Turboviz is purposely designed to be lean and flexible, bringing in partners as required. The Turboviz offering has been developed into a full compliance tool for any transport network. Our aim is to provide every transport company access to cost effective, state of the art technology. We truly believe we can make all companies more competitive in the new disruptive world.

What Our Customers Say

Great product & superb service ! Our auditing and quoting system had been built up over many years and had developed a ecosystem of its own. We had multiple filing systems, report systems with a variety of versions of spreadsheets, pdfs, documents and email management. Turboviz took it all and turned it into a smooth easily controlled process !
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Dominic Harris
FES Lighting Australia
Prior to using TurboTrans we could not follow our drivers progress during the day, we had to wait for reports back from our clients from their scanners or wade through paperwork. Now we follow it all in real time
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Alicia Pleski
Administration Manager
First Choice Couriers
Our customers are large financial institutions based in Australia and Asia where we provide office automation. The Turboviz technology platform has allowed us to be more agile and to easily customise our automation to the customer’s need. We expect to expand our relationship with Turboviz in the future with new and innovative solutions that we are jointly developing.
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Grant Mackenzie
Cheif Executive Officer
Drake Business Asia
Before we worked with TurboViz we had all the normal issues of the upkeep and maintenance of scanners supplied to our major agents plus handling tens of thousands of scanned Con Notes from those agents without technology. Since TurboViz implemented it solutions with our agents, our delivery compliance data has been bought right up to date and we can concentrate on getting the deliveries there on time and meeting our customer expectations.
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Trevor Dyson
National Network Manager
Couriers Please

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