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Businesses today must be able to glean insight and understand the value from every purchase, Tweet, and customer care interaction. We can help you unlock this business value from mountains of data.

Our cost-effective and comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics services provide a foundation for insight and analysis to help you make more insightful business decisions, take bold action, and execute quickly.

Our experienced BI and Analytics consultants have led some of the world’s largest BI projects, leveraging proven methodologies, tools, and best practices to bring insight and innovation to help you navigate the exponential growth of digital data from social media and mobile sources, meet the demand for mobile data accessibility, and comply with evolving regulations.

Our continuous investment in training and certification, key technology partnerships, and commitment to R&D keep our BI consultants on the cutting edge. Plus, our cost-effective global delivery model blends onsite, nearshore, and offshore resources, balancing global reach with local accountability and ensuring delivery excellence regardless of project or geographic complexity.

Our Services

  • 3D maps capabilities inside Power BI
  • Custom visual developments with D3 & JavaScript
  • Custom Branding with Power BI
  • Clean UI Design with modern look and feel
  • Fully animated dashboards with client based configurations
  • Interactive and mainly focused on usability
  • Accessibility through mobile devices with responsive design.
  • Reusable components and controls

Today digital map has become integral part of everyday life. Most organizations have data with geo attributes in some form or other and the need to understand geographical significance of data has been on the rise.

The combination of aggregating information with location and presenting them in a small space allows Map visualizations to present the big picture out of sea of data. They help you find the theme and outliers at a quick glance. While a 2D map can help achieve this goal to some extent, when it comes to multiple attributes and widespread data, they fell short.

A 3D Map makes this experience more immersive and magical. They provide the sense of connection to the data with the physical world. This, combined with our spatial ability, brings a new perspective to the data when we present them as 3D objects.

GlobeMap brings this magical map exploration experience to Power BI. To use, simply import the Globe Map from the Visuals gallery to your Power BI report and use it with a location data type. The location could be an address, city, county , state/province or country/region. On this 3D map, you can project a measure as the height of the bar. The 3D bars reduce the clutter of overlapping bubbles and allow you to get instant insight. GlobeMap also allows you to rotate the Globe and see it from different angles. But we didn’t just stop here. We added one more goody to this visual. The icing on the cake is the added benefit of heat map in this visual. You can use a second measure for heat intensity and draw immediate attention to the right areas.

Data Driven Documents (D3) is a open source JavaScript library used to create dynamic, interactive visualizations enabled on modern web browser. It runs mainly using HTML, SVG, CSS and JavaScript. It was created by Mike Bostock, computer scientist & data visualization specialist (in image).

D3.js is extremely fast, responsive and supports large data sets too for creating dynamic animations in web browsers. The collection of useful coding components & plugins make d3 codes reusable.

With the new technology releases from Microsoft, Business Intelligence can come in the form of a combination of SQL Server and non-SQL Server data sources and the delivery intelligence through SharePoint 2016, Office 365 (Power BI), SharePoint Online and Microsoft Office.

Need to discover the right BI solution for your business data? Our certified partners have a wealth of experience across a wide number of industries and technologies. Browse the Partner Solution Showcase now to find the right solution for your organization.

Modern users are savvy, demanding and their expectations are high. They want products and services that provide some level of value. They want them to be aesthetically pleasing, emotionally satisfying, as well as easy to learn, use, install, maintain and upgrade. The need to attract new customers and retain existing ones in a competitive business environment is pushing businesses towards the creation of products and services that deliver intuitive and tailored experiences.

We create clean, simple, elegant and brilliant user interfaces enabling your applications to not only be functionally strong, but also be visually appealing. We modulate this by applying research, information architecture, interaction design, UI & Visual design approaches.

We realize the depth of creating exceptional UI. From sales, marketing to customer adoption and employee connection, the impact is high & strong. Knowing this, we execute briefly with extended research and design approaches that help us to deliver ROI on excellent experiences. Through our UI/UX design process, we are with you from idea to delivery as your co-creation partner.

We have years of experience in developing customized dashboards for all types of businesses. With the help of compelling visual display of key information, we help you untangle the knots of your business problems. No matter how complex and challenging your business need is, we tailor solutions to simplify ways to track and measure your business metrics.

Businesses need specific solutions, features, or complex diagrams to get strategic insights for crucial decision making. Configuring these critical requirements in popular dashboard platforms has always been a challenge. We develop dashboards from ground-up, taking all your complex and critical requirements into consideration. Our custom solution is designed for any level of drill down analysis.

Simple yet sophisticated animation adds vitality and interactivity to your website. Interactivity creates a connection between user and website, generating a feeling of autonomy in the sense where the visitor now controls the website in terms of navigation.

That is why it is considered a key element in web design and animation. Mainly when it comes to websites, jquery, css3, html5 technologies seem to be the most considerable approaches.

We create web-sites which can easily adapt screen resolution of any device, no matter which device you or your customers are using. Responsive is the modern way for a mobile-friendly website.

To create a website with an attractive user interface that can easily hold your visitors for a long require skills and experience. Thus, here comes the forte of Finesse Interactive. By being a professional website designing company in India, you can be assured to get, just the best services. We, first of all, understand your business requirements and objectives in detail to create a design, specific to your target audience. We have a highly experienced team of professional web designers who work creatively to make a detailed website with an aligned structure that sets apart from your competitors. Our innovative ideas, use of latest technology and years of expertise helps us to deliver user-friendly websites, specific to your business needs that converts your simple visitors into a repetitive audience

If you own a business and are looking for ways to increasing your clientele, we offer you web solutions that are visual treats and technical marvels. We help you get noticed with amazing visual impact and build a long-term customer relationship with a great UI/UX. We also excel in providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Management System (CMS). Responsive Designs, and Social Media Integration that is inevitable to reach out to maximum potential customers. We are the answer to state-of-the-art IT and Marketing solutions that include Web development, WordPress development, SEO, E-Commerce solutions, Web hosting, Logo & Graphic design, & Marketing consultancy.

We create visually appealing web designs with an eye to detail and use the digital media extensively to publish and propagate your brand. Providing quality IT solutions to global clients is what we strive for. We also offer 24 x 7 support solutions.

Contents of Reusable components and controls

What Our Customers Say

Great product & superb service ! Our auditing and quoting system had been built up over many years and had developed a ecosystem of its own. We had multiple filing systems, report systems with a variety of versions of spreadsheets, pdfs, documents and email management. Turboviz took it all and turned it into a smooth easily controlled process !
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Dominic Harris
FES Lighting Australia
Prior to using TurboTrans we could not follow our drivers progress during the day, we had to wait for reports back from our clients from their scanners or wade through paperwork. Now we follow it all in real time
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Alicia Pleski
Administration Manager
First Choice Couriers
Our customers are large financial institutions based in Australia and Asia where we provide office automation. The Turboviz technology platform has allowed us to be more agile and to easily customise our automation to the customer’s need. We expect to expand our relationship with Turboviz in the future with new and innovative solutions that we are jointly developing.
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Grant Mackenzie
Cheif Executive Officer
Drake Business Asia
Before we worked with TurboViz we had all the normal issues of the upkeep and maintenance of scanners supplied to our major agents plus handling tens of thousands of scanned Con Notes from those agents without technology. Since TurboViz implemented it solutions with our agents, our delivery compliance data has been bought right up to date and we can concentrate on getting the deliveries there on time and meeting our customer expectations.
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Trevor Dyson
National Network Manager
Couriers Please
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