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Couriers Please

A leading parcel delivery expert with nationwide coverage across Australia

Founded in 1983 as a specialised metropolitan parcel delivery business, CouriersPlease services its Australian business through its independently owned franchisee fleet of couriers. Couriers Please is a leading parcel delivery expert with nationwide coverage across Australia.

CouriersPlease prides itself in meeting the requirements of its clients and delighting the end customer.

Problem Statement

Covering the Last mile of Delivery

Problem Description

All transport companies in the Supply Chain face the same issues when it comes to covering a large distribution area; one company cannot cover 100% of the “Last Mile” of delivery with their own vehicles. To access areas where it’s too expensive to operate, local agents are used. Agents can be working for ten or more different transport companies.

Using Agents presents a problem to the larger Transport companies as it delays capturing the data required for producing their Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). These included measures such as “Delivered in Full on Time” or DIFOT. Many clients rely on these measures to judge the effectiveness of Transport Companies and they underlie some contracts.

To try and keep the delivery data flowing in a timely manner Transport Companies are required to spend tens of thousands of dollars providing technology to their agents or face the inefficiencies of handling paper consignment notes. For some areas, paper based systems can take weeks for delivery information to be received and recorded. Most Transport companies use a combination of both supplying scanners to some agents and handling paperwork from others. The more paperwork they handle the more inefficient they become at proving they met their KPI’s for their clients. This affects their reputation and profitability.

Solution : TurboTrans Integrated Platform

Know More

CouriersPlease had a dilemma when the scanning technology used by its agents was discontinued. The choice was to either provide new and more expensive technology or revert all agents back to paper consignment notes and PODs (proof of delivery) and suffer decreased efficiencies. The alternative was to work with TurboViz to implement a digitalisation programme for scanned paper con notes. The second part of the project was to provide CouriersPlease agents access to TurboVIz technology

Converting to Real Time Data Upload

TurboViz provided CouriersPlease a service that digitalised scanned con notes and captured the true delivery date. CouriersPlease was now able to prove their real performance for their clients across their agent network.

Turboviz then worked with the CouriersPlease’s First Choice Couriers, who covered the Wollongong area south of Sydney. Turboviz provided in the Van and Back Office technology that solved both firm’s requirements. Each firm had it’s own requirements to which Turboviz provided a solution;

  • CouriersPlease wanted real time vision of the progress their deliveries through the supply chain.
  • First Choice wanted to unravel the complexity of using ten different technologies and paper based management systems and take better control of their business.

First Choice was typical of many agents with a system of manually updated spreadsheets, word docs, written notes, text and PDF forms, built around their own TMS software and the scanner technology provided by their transport clients. Turboviz implemented its TurboTrans platform which was integrated across all its clients replacing 6 different scanning systems and four paper based systems with one integrated platform.

Staff who previously spent hours managing paper systems were transferred into more productive areas. FCC has been able to look for new clients with the extra capacity.

Increased efficiency

CouriersPlease: Turboviz provided the technology platform replaced the older CouriersPlease scanners without their need to invest in either hardware, maintenance, software upkeep or help desks and driver training resources. They have maintained and improved their real-time vision of their deliveries throughout the Wollongong and Southern Highlands an area.

First Choice: received access to technology that was equivalent to the best the major Transport companies deployed but at a fraction of the cost. The collaborative platform provided by TurboViz allowed First Choice to integrate all their clients onto the one platform. For the first time First Choice Couriers was seeing across their whole business in real time. The improvements seen by the business included;

  • Increased efficiency with elimination of double handling and the daily ritual of matching paper to jobs
  • Visibility with GPS tracking, customer contact details and daily reporting of all driver activities
  • Uniformity with drivers using just the one platform and eliminating paperwork issues
  • Training being on a well know standard Samsung platform and only one system to understand
  • Up-time with less systems to rely on and offline capability when required
  • Flexibility with inexpensive hardware and the ability to have contractors and staff BYOD (bring their own device)

The TurboTrans platform includes;

  • Barcode Validation
  • Transport Integration
  • High Speed Scanner Integration
  • Transport Service Jobs to device
  • POD Capture
  • Exception and Operational Scanning
  • Vehicle Backload
  • GSP, NFC, RFID and Beacon Integration
  • Driver Tracking via GPS
  • Transport Optimization
  • Job Dispatch
  • Transport Performance Management
  • Run Sheet Creation
  • Reverse Billing
  • Last Mile Delivery via niche transport networks
  • Integration with Telematics
  • Workflow and Document Management
  • Driver Actions
  • Chain of responsibility checks
  • Vehicle and Trailer Checks
  • Analytics

What Our Customers Say

Great product & superb service ! Our auditing and quoting system had been built up over many years and had developed a ecosystem of its own. We had multiple filing systems, report systems with a variety of versions of spreadsheets, pdfs, documents and email management. Turboviz took it all and turned it into a smooth easily controlled process !
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Dominic Harris
FES Lighting Australia
Prior to using TurboTrans we could not follow our drivers progress during the day, we had to wait for reports back from our clients from their scanners or wade through paperwork. Now we follow it all in real time
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Alicia Pleski
Administration Manager
First Choice Couriers
Our customers are large financial institutions based in Australia and Asia where we provide office automation. The Turboviz technology platform has allowed us to be more agile and to easily customise our automation to the customer’s need. We expect to expand our relationship with Turboviz in the future with new and innovative solutions that we are jointly developing.
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Grant Mackenzie
Cheif Executive Officer
Drake Business Asia
Before we worked with TurboViz we had all the normal issues of the upkeep and maintenance of scanners supplied to our major agents plus handling tens of thousands of scanned Con Notes from those agents without technology. Since TurboViz implemented it solutions with our agents, our delivery compliance data has been bought right up to date and we can concentrate on getting the deliveries there on time and meeting our customer expectations.
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Trevor Dyson
National Network Manager
Couriers Please